Sterilex announces animal health rebrand

Sterilex announces a comprehensive rebrand for the company’s animal health product portfolio.

Sterilex, an industry leader in disinfection and microbial control, announces a comprehensive rebrand for the company’s animal health product portfolio. The rebrand solidifies Sterilex’s commitment to improving biosecurity and protecting animal health and provides an opportunity to create product names that are easier to remember and say. 

Including a new tagline “Prevention is Protection,” the rebrand is part of the organization’s strategy to position itself as a leader in animal health biosecurity. At the heart of the rebrand is a change of the company’s animal health product names, a new brand identity system and a refresh of the industry icon. 

“We took this opportunity to rethink not just our product names, but our entire animal health brand,” said Alex Josowitz, President and CEO at Sterilex. “This rebrand allows us to better position our company as a total food safety solution provider and further our commitment to providing innovative solutions for pathogen control from farm to fork.” 

Products in Sterilex’s animal health biosecurity product portfolio will all begin with the prefix “Forti” as a nod to the word fortify. Fortify means to strengthen or protect against attack. 

Sterilex Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner Solution 1 and Sterilex Ultra Activator Solution will now be called FortiSolve™. FortiSolve is the only product on the market specifically tailored to sanitize, disinfect, and remove biofilm from animal drinking lines. Much like a moat around a castle, FortiSolve is an effective barrier to biofilm and protects animals from pathogens that can accumulate inside water lines. 

“Understanding our two-part liquid product is always used together, we rebranded it under one name. Sterilex Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner Solution 1 is now FortiSolve 100 and Sterilex Ultra Activator Solution is FortiSolve 200,” said Paula Courtney, Director of Animal Health at Sterilex. “Our two-part liquid product is simple to mix and use, and we wanted the name to reflect that simplicity.” 

Sterilex Ultra Step is now FortiGuard™. Just as a knight guards a castle, FortiGuard serves as the last line of defense against biosecurity threats and provides protection at the entrance to livestock housing. FortiGuard is an EPA-registered floor and footwear sanitizer specifically designed to control pathogens and enhance biosecurity in live production environments when used as a floor treatment or in foot pans. 

The new brand identity system blends timeless, illustrated symbols of protection (shields, castles, and drawbridges) with geometric shapes and isolated imagery, resulting in a friendly, yet powerful brand that invites trust and offers security. The updated industry icon illustrates our commitment to protecting all livestock, not just poultry, while the new product wordmarks use symbolism to tell a story. From the line of separation in the FortiGuard mark, to the waterline wave in FortiSolve, these simple, bold elements add subtle depth and hidden meaning to the renamed product logos, which help to tell a cohesive brand story.

Sterilex’s animal health rebrand is not just cosmetic. In addition to new product names and a new graphic identity, Sterilex has released a new FortiGuard package size. The 2-pound sleeves make it easier for producers to distribute product within complexes or production sites. 

“We are excited to offer this 2-pound package size based on feedback from numerous customers,” said Courtney. “The new product packaging makes distributing and applying FortiGuard extremely easy. It requires no measuring and one sleeve is expected to last the entire duration of a broiler flock.”*  

Both FortiSolve and FortiGuard are EPA-registered products. Label updates in conjunction with this rebranding announcement include: 

  • Pathogens added to the FortiGuard label: Cronobacter sakazakii, Campylobacter jejuni, Mycoplasma gallisepticum, PRRS and Newcastle disease virus 
  • Pathogens added to the FortiSolve label: Cronobacter sakazakii, Newcastle disease virus and PRRS 
  • FortiSolve new use method: fogging 
  • FortiSolve: biofilm kill and removal
  • FortiSolve: only product on the market proven to remove biofilm in animal drinking lines 

Trust Sterilex to fortify your biosecurity program. To view Sterilex’s new rebrand animation or learn more about Sterilex’s innovative biosecurity solutions, visit




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