Jones-Hamilton Co. launches new corporate website

Jones-Hamilton launches new website.

Jones-Hamilton Co. recently launched a new corporate website to support rebranding efforts and help drive the company’s expansion into new areas of application for its sodium bisulfate and hydrochloric acid products. The site was also developed to aid in relationship development as the company increases investments aimed at new business and services growth.

“In 2020, we learned a lot about ourselves, our businesses, our suppliers and customers,” said Bernie Murphy, President of Jones-Hamilton Co. “A lesson that was consistently reinforced was that relationships and credibility carry the day when people are faced with challenges of the magnitude in which we faced this past year.”

The website works to help new and existing customers connect with the Jones-Hamilton Co. team, learn about the company’s diverse offerings and reach new markets. The site redesign also supports the company’s recent acquisition of the SWASH™ product line. 

“We are grateful for the understanding and cooperation that our customers and suppliers exhibited in 2020,” said Murphy. “Jones-Hamilton Co. enters 2021 fully staffed and operational with a focus on addressing our vulnerabilities and building on our strengths so as to deliver stronger performance in 2021.”

Explore the new site and learn more about the company at

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