GI-OVO B.V. has founded GI OVO do Brasil LTDA

GI-OVO B.V. has founded GI OVO do Brasil LTDA.

GI-OVO B.V., a subsidiary of Giordano Holding from Italy, has founded GI OVO do Brasil LTDA since September 1. Where the Dutch company GI OVO B.V. is the majority shareholder of the new company, ARTABAS ARTIFACTS OF WIRE BASTOS LTDA, a subsidiary of the Italian company FACCO, also participates as a minority shareholder in GI OVO do Brasil. 

The reason why GI OVO founded this new branch is very simple, says GI OVO's managing director Jacco Wagelaar. The South American market is very important to us, and for that reason, we want to bring our production and sales closer to our customers. In Artabas, we have found a reliable production partner that has a very good reputation in the South American poultry industry for many years. 

Sales and production focus on the well-known EggsCargoSystem, known worldwide as the standard for the transport of eggs for consumption and hatching. The EggsCargoSystem is recommended by almost all equipment suppliers, as it has been proven to provide the best performance on all egg processing machines. 

Additional advantages for our customers are that by producing locally we do not have to pass on high freight costs, therefore we do not have to deal with significant import taxes and, of course, we can deliver much faster. In this way, we can not only supply the best system, but also at very competitive conditions. 

GI OVO B.V. in addition to Brazil, produces the EggsCargoSystem also in Italy, USA and Malaysia. 

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