Disrupters collaborate, the disrupted wait and watch

Learn how collaboration is critical for the development and implementation of disruptive technologies for the poultry industry.

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Collaboration speeds up the development and implementation of innovative technologies. (Bankrx | Bigstock.com)
Collaboration speeds up the development and implementation of innovative technologies. (Bankrx | Bigstock.com)

When I was in elementary school, I was told that I was “disruptive,” and this resulted in daily deportment reports being sent home to my parents.

This was back when "disruptive" had a negative connotation. My, how things have changed. Industry-leading companies today aren’t interested in technologies that produce incremental improvements. Top companies are looking for disruptive technologies that will shift paradigms and give them a competitive edge.

Disruption for the poultry supply chain won’t happen spontaneously as the result of individual inventors sitting in labs having eureka moments. Implementation of disruptive technologies in the poultry industry requires collaboration between researchers, investors, poultry producers and entrepreneurs. New technologies are being developed at an accelerating pace, but it is collaboration which allows for efficient evaluation of the prospects for implementation of these ideas in the poultry industry. Innovators have new technologies, but they need help evaluating the extent and scope of poultry industry problems and whether investment in these technologies provides adequate return on investment for producers.

The Poultry Tech Summit was created to increase collaboration and accelerate disruption within the poultry supply chain. At the 2019 Poultry Tech Summit, ideas were shared for innovative technologies as different as robotic breast deboning, producing functioning enzymes and antibodies in corn kernels, cloud-based supply-chain data gathering and analysis, and microwave shell-egg pasteurization. These technologies are each at different stages of development and all show promise, but they each also face challenges. Collaboration between stakeholders increases the probability that innovations will be fine tuned to deliver results with high return on investment for poultry producers and investors.

Be a disrupter: Plan on collaborating at the 2020 Poultry Tech Summit on October 12-14 at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta.

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