Business returns to normal by Christmas, of 2021

Learn why business won't return to normal until Christmas of 2021 and what else will impact the poultry industry in 2030.

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The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to alter how business is done until the end of 2021. (dizainstock |
The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to alter how business is done until the end of 2021. (dizainstock |

There isn’t much I enjoy more than a good conversation with intelligent people who are passionate about their work and who have a good feel for what’s coming next. It has been a pleasure speaking with the presenters and panelists for the Virtual Poultry Tech Summit and getting their impressions of what the future will hold for the poultry supply chain.

For instance, Richard Kottmeyer, managing director, FTI Consulting, and is also a member of the White House COVID-19 Task Force representing the food and agriculture industries. When asked his opinion of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the poultry industry and when business would return to normal, Kottmeyer said we should get a Christmas present, but not this year, in 2021.

Kottmeyer also said that the lingering effects of the pandemic will result in the permanent closing of 60% or more of independent restaurants. He also thinks that animal welfare will have a bigger impact on how consumers perceive poultry products than “climate change” will.

Paul Cuatrecasas, CEO and founder, Aquaa Partners, thinks that because of the changing landscape for protein production with the development of plant-based meat alternatives and tissue culture raised meat, innovation alone isn’t enough for poultry companies to stay relevant for consumers and successful against competition. Poultry companies will need to transform themselves.

Paul Aho, Ph.D., president, Poultry Perspective, told me that primary breeders in 2030 will produce birds with higher total meat yield but lower breast meat yield, and that chicken producers will love it.

Are you as intrigued by these predictions as I am?

Kottmeyer, Cuatrecasas and Aho will be participating in a panel discussion on at the Virtual Poultry Tech Summit, “Trends that will shape and disrupt the poultry supply chain in the next 10 years.”

I invite you to join us in the conversation at the Virtual Poultry Tech Summit on October 20-22, 2020, and judge for yourself the logic behind these and other predictions.



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