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Growth of poultry driving demand for organic livestock feed

Despite increased need for organic feed, report finds production of key US commodities not keeping pace
Overall demand for organic feed is expected to grow 6-7%, and demand for protein meal is especially high. However, domestic soybean supplies have not kept pace, which has led to increased reliance on imported commodities and may undercut domestic growers.
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USPOULTRY 2019 feed mill seminar focuses on preventative maintenance

Feed industry professionals recently gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, for USPOULTRY’s 2019 Feed Mill Management Seminar. Discussions focused on preventative maintenance standards, the importance of comprehensive internal policies for the benefit of feed mill workers, and the future of the industry.
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Cargill taps Stone, Webster for leadership roles

Cargill has selected Joe Stone, currently enterprise leader for Cargill Animal Nutrition, to lead the company’s global Agricultural Supply Chain. David Webster will assume the Cargill Animal Nutrition leadership role vacated by Stone. Both announcements follow GJ van den Akker’s decision to retire as enterprise lead for Cargill’s Agricultural Supply Chain in 2020 after 30 years with the company. 
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Larger genotypes not necessarily more efficient

A larger animal has larger maintenance needs that need to be taken into account when calculating efficiency.
Large parent animals produce large offspring that grow rapidly and efficiently. At least this is the general perception and it is true to a certain point. But it is not the whole truth, because the maintenance needs of large-framed animals are often ignored, or rather expected to be roughly the same across all genotypes, within a given species.
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Future animal health applications for bacteriophages

Gene products used as antibiotics alternatives show potential in fight against antimicrobial resistance.
Scientists believe that bacteriophage gene products could eventually be used to target bacterial pathogens, such as C. perfringens, in commercial livestock and poultry applications.
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Product innovations for improving poultry production

Learn how innovative feeding and drinking systems for broilers, breeders will enhance production processes. Sponsored by Roxell.
Learn how innovative feeding and drinking systems for broilers, breeders will enhance production processes. Sponsored by Roxell.
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