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Bell & Evans to aid grain farmers with organic transition

Company’s Organic Grain Initiative offers financial assistance for Pennsylvania producers interested in transitioning to organic operations
Bell & Evans launched its Organic Grain Initiative, which will offer Pennsylvania farmers financial assistance to transition into raising certified organic grains.
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Might feeding broilers insects affect meat quality?

Meat derived from insect-fed chickens may appear more palatable to consumers than eating insects directly, but is that meat as good as standard meat?
The buzz around using insects in poultry feed continues to grow, but what about the meat derived from such birds? Will it look and taste the same, or be as good for you?
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Canada funding feed intake research for foie gras ducks

Study is hoped to address concerns regarding animal welfare, production costs and public trust
The Canadian federal government is investing CA$123,000 toward research that will focus on developing a nutritional approach for the production of foie gras that will help establish the optimal feed intake for ducks.
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