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rice bran

Understanding rice bran in pig, poultry feeds

Rice bran is an atypical ingredient: it has excellent nutritive value, but it is undervalued by most nutritionists and the commodities market.
Rice bran is a misnomer, or rather a confusing term as it can encompass a range of rice by-products at variable concentrations. It is a very atypical ingredient: it has excellent nutritive value, but it is undervalued by most nutritionists; it is widely available, but hardly traded in the commodities market.
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EU’s 2022 compound poultry feed production down

All sectors suffered last year, due to rising input costs, trade disruptions and, in the case of poultry and pig feed, ongoing disease challenges.

Compound feed production for all species is thought to have contracted in the European Union last year, with inflation and disease outbreaks largely to blame.

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7 cage-free layer nutrition issues that require attention

We must adjust our thinking on feeding hens housed in cage-free systems to allow for their increased movement, social interaction and exposure to environmental hazards.
Cage free does not necessarily mean free-range layers. Hens are still kept in-house on floors with bedding material or in open aviaries (multi-storied cages with open access).
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Positive atmosphere flourishes at EuroTier 2022

Weather conditions at this year’s EuroTier were far from hospitable, just the opposite to atmosphere in the show halls.

With a focus on sustainability and welfare, the center of attention at this year’s EuroTier was firmly inside the show halls and not with the protestors at the showground entrance.

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Altering the egg microbiome can improve chick health

Leveraging the eggshell microbiome can influence a chick’s gastrointestinal tract and produce a healthier bird.

Manipulating the eggshell by applying a nutritional egg coating in the hatchery introduces probiotic bacteria to a developing chick from the outside of the egg, which can help generate a better immune system and gut health.

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