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Trouw opens new Poultry Health and Nutrition Unit in Spain

Offering simulated climates and the latest technology, the addition to Trouw Nutrition’s Poultry Science Centre aims to work with poultry producers to raise output and sustainably.

A new research unit established by Trouw Nutrition will help farmers to feed flocks highly specific diets, raising output while reducing the need to administer antibiotics.

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Research focuses on sustainability of insects as poultry feed

The Center for Environmental Sustainability through Insect Farming will evaluate insect protein as a possible human and animal feed.

Scientists from Texas A&M University, Mississippi State University and Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis (UIPUI) will establish a research center for explore insect farming as a sustainable alternative for use in poultry and livestock feed.

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VIDEO: The importance of a well-planned intestinal integrity program

When gut health is compromised diseases can cause major health concerns in a producer’s flock.
Gut health plays a vital role in nutrition absorption, development of immunity and disease resistance in birds. However, when gut health is compromised, such diseases as necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis can cause major health concerns in a producer’s flock. Those concerns can ultimately impact feed intake and conversion leading to economic losses.
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