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1st World Egg Day China event set for October 11

The theme for the event is “Speak for Life Protein”
Initiated by LyJa Media, publisher of Poultry International China magazine -- allied with the International Egg Commission (IEC), the China National System for Layer Production Technology (NSLPT), and China’s Top Egg Producers -- launched the "World Egg China Day” event, scheduled for October 11.
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Top world broiler, egg rankings for 2019

A few companies continue to dominate our listings, but not everything stays the same.
The same leading poultry companies hold the top spots again in the ranking of top broiler and egg rankings this year, but that does not mean the industry is not evolving.
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China might become top importer of Russian poultry

Recent trade trends indicate China could surpass Ukraine and Vietnam as top importer, Cherkizovo analyst says
Russian exports to China are “booming” to the point that China could become the top importer of Russian poultry, Cherkizovo Chief Analyst Andrew Dalnov said.
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Grandparent stock supply in China on the rise

Rabobank report highlights positive trends for the Chinese poultry industry
Increased imports of grandparent (GP) stock to China signal stronger growth white bird production in China in the upcoming years, according to the recently released Rabobank Poultry Quarterly report.
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Report: China to end punitive tariffs on US pork, soy

National Pork Producers Council says if news is true, it would be huge breakthrough for U.S. pork industry
China’s Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council intends to remove punitive tariffs on U.S. pork and soybeans, as well as some other agricultural goods from the United States, according to Chinese media outlet Xinhua.
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Project to tackle antimicrobial resistance in poultry

Researchers in U.K. and China are working on project to develop treatment to control spread of antibiotic-resistant pathogens in poultry
A new treatment to control the spread of antibiotic-resistant pathogens in poultry is to be developed by researchers in the UK and China.
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Top Feed Companies: 102 companies rise to the top in 2018

Report highlights global compound animal feed manufacturers producing volumes more than 1 million metric tons in 2018.
The latest edition of WATT Global Media’s World’s Top Feed Companies listing reports 102 companies with more than 1 million metric tons of compound feed production in 2018.
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ASF drives Chinese soy meal consumption to 4-year low

Feed demand is down, but pork industry profits likely to soar, USDA says
Despite a seven-month decline in the size of china’s pig herd due to African swine fever, feed demand in China has decreased only marginally. Imports of U.S. soybeans, however, continue to drop dramatically.
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ASF outbreaks confirmed in Laos, Russia’s Far East

Disease seems to be spreading among domestic pigs in Laos
Official reports from Laos on the African swine fever (ASF) situation point to a significant spread of the disease among the country’s domestic pigs, while there have also been new cases in the Far Eastern Federal District in Russia, and Yunnan province in China.
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