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Tyson in talks to resume plant’s China export eligibility

Chinese government in June suspended imports of products processed at Tyson Foods poultry plant in Springdale, Arkansas
Tyson Foods has been actively communicating with the governments of the United States and China in hopes that one of its poultry plants in Springdale, Arkansas, will regain eligibility to export products to China.
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No matter what Trump says, China trade means a lot

Frustration over COVID-19 origins shouldn't dampen enthusiasm over trade prospects that benefit American agriculture
During a July 23 press conference, U.S. President Donald Trump said the Phase One Economic and Trade Agreement between the U.S. and China was a great deal when it was coming to fruition, but that the agreement “means much less” to him now.
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China bans imports from more Brazilian meat plants

With two pig slaughter plants from BRF and JBS in Rio Grande do Sul, there are already six meat plants blocked to export meat to China amid COVID-19 concerns.
Six meat plants in Brazil have been blocked from exporting to China because of COVID-19 concerns, despite the fact that no medical entity supports that the disease can be transmitted through food.
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Bryan Adams’ reckless pro-vegan post cuts like a knife

Rock musician says his Instagram post was meant to be against wet markets and in favor of veganism, but it was also taken as a xenophobic message
Regardless of the vegan retro rocker’s intentions, Bryan Adams, through an angry post on Instagram, has justifiably caused a lot of outrage.
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Canada, Mexico remain key to poultry industry success

Exports to the countries followed an uneven trajectory in recent years but remain key markets for U.S. broiler meat.
The U.S.’s two largest North American trading partners – Canada and Mexico – often feel overlooked but they are reliable and important foreign destinations for US broiler meat.
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