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China lifts ban on shipments from 3 Brazil plants

Two JBS plants and one Aurora plant have been cleared to export products to China
Shipments to China from two JBS plants and one Aurora Alimentos plant in Brazil can resume after a ban on products from those plants was lifted. The ban was implemented in 2020 over COVID-19-related concerns.
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World Egg Day China: Full picture interpretation for ‘A Wonderful Egg’

Top poultry experts from governmental institutions, universities and leading enterprises of the industry analyzed the development opportunities and challenges of egg production industry of China under the current new situations and shared their business insights on how to produce and marketing ‘A Wonderful Egg,’ during the second day of the World Egg Day China event on October 10.
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EuroTier China was held. Can there be other trade shows soon?

The EuroTier China animal production trade show was successfully held earlier this month, even with international presence, which is a positive sign.
We all agree that trade shows and congresses are somewhat the soul of the poultry and feed industries, in the sense that it is where suppliers and customers meet, where we can see what's new in the market and experts speak on subjects of concern to production.
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The telephone game of chicken wings in China

Chinese first stop shipments, but in the end, they decide to accept them, with crazy intermediate measures
Frankly, I do not understand the actions of the authorities in China and Hong Kong with regard to chicken wings imported from Aurora Alimentos, from Brazil.
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Chicken wings are enjoying high prices ahead of the National Football League's championship game.

Brazil asks China for evidence of COVID-19 in chicken wings

The Chinese authorities have not presented the results of the laboratory tests proofing that there were traces of the novel coronavirus in chicken wings.
“The health authorities in Shenzhen were unable to say whether the findings concerned only the detection of the virus’ genetic material or the active virus,” said the Brazilian government.
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Issues faced by China’s white feather broiler industry

Jiangsui Jinghai Poultry Group's Gu Yunfei highlights 6 difficulties the broiler industry faces
Many efforts are needed to promote the healthy development of the Chinese broiler industry, said Gu Yunfei, president of Jiangsui Jinghai Poultry Group Co. Ltd.
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