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Trump: US, China to hold off on new tariffs

25 percent tariff on soybeans still in place, but could be lowered or eliminated
U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday said he and Chinese President Xi Jinping have agreed to hold off on new tariffs, after the two met over the weekend at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Tariff aid for farmers: How does it work?

Learn more about the USDA’s tariff relief package for farmers and how producers feel about it
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in July said it would provide $12 billion in aid to farmers who have been hurt by retaliatory tariffs from China and other countries.
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Trade disputes hurt US meat industries

Pork, chicken and beef markets have felt the pressures of trade tensions between US, China and Mexico
As the U.S. and China have engaged in a trade dispute throughout much of 2018, American pork producers have taken a hit.
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Tangrenshen: Tests rule out ASF in its animal feed

Chinese company had previously said it found the deadly virus in products made by one of its business units
Chinese animal feed producer Tangrenshen Group said tests have ruled out the presence of African swine fever (ASF) in its products, a day after the company said pig feed manufactured by one of its business units was contaminated the deadly virus.
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Pig feed producer reports ASF contamination in feed

First report of feed supplies contaminated with deadly African swine fever
Chinese animal feed producer Tangrenshen Group has reported that pig feed produced by one of its business units has been contaminated with African swine fever (ASF), according to Reuters.
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Taiwan says it found ASF in WH Group sausage

Pork product was one of more than 300 smuggled into Taiwan since African swine fever outbreak in August
Chinese pork processor WH Group is investigating a claim by the Taiwan government that a sausage made by the company tested positive for African swine fever after it was brought there by a traveler.
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How to identify African swine fever, prevent spread

Veterinarians and feed producers can identify and prevent the spread of the deadly pig disease if it makes its way to US
African swine fever (ASF) has spread across China and parts of Europe since August. It has not affected any farms in the U.S., but American veterinarians and pig producers should be aware of the symptoms of the disease and how to spot it in their herd, as well as how to prevent the disease’s spread to the U.S.
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