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Poultry Tech Summit News

Poultry Tech Summit is a new conference that focuses on transition of innovative technologies from researchers and entrepreneurs into commercial applications for the benefit of the poultry industry. This event is the only one of its kind being offered to connect researchers and entrepreneurs with poultry sector technology experts, financiers, bankers and venture capitalists looking for new projects to fund. Learn more about the Poultry Tech Summit.



16 poultry technologies to watch in 2022

Learn what’s coming next – from CRISPR to automation to digitalization.

The new year is an opportunity to look forward. Advances in technology could help the poultry industry tackle challenges in worker safety and labor shortages, broiler production, processing, breeding and layer operations.

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Healthy chicks establish adult poultry microbiome quickly

Developing probiotics that can be administered at the hatchery level may be key to achieving a mature bird’s microbiome as quickly as possible.

Alexandra Smith, Ph.D., manager of microbial ecology and genetics, Arm and Hammer, gave insight on the poultry gut microbiome and how the industry can potentially control it in the future.

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Digitalization can optimize poultry productivity planning

The data collection technology can use insights to impact decision making.

Traditional approaches to poultry production are no longer sufficient to meet growing demand and address societal concerns about animal welfare and sustainability. Digitalization is now viewed as the next big thing for poultry production.

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Will CRISPR transform the poultry industry?

Avian gene editing techniques are more complicated than those required for other forms of livestock.

Gene editing techniques like CRISPR could revolutionize the poultry industry in the future, improving yield, resistance to disease and leading to better welfare. 

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How the gut microbiome controls poultry health

Learn about digitalization and the potential of CRISPR in poultry production.

Tremendous strides have been made in measuring and controlling the environment of the poultry house that interacts with the exterior of the bird. But what about the environment inside the digestive tract of the bird? 

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Hyperspectral imaging could help find poultry meat defects

Looking for the differences in the chemistry of raw poultry could potentially help producers identify food safety and quality issues in product on the line.

During the 2021 Poultry Tech Summit Webinar Series, Olga Pawluczyk showed how the use of hyperspectral imaging in poultry processing could help more accurately identify food quality issues and detect foreign objects.

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