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Poultry Tech Summit News

Poultry Tech Summit is a new conference that focuses on transition of innovative technologies from researchers and entrepreneurs into commercial applications for the benefit of the poultry industry. This event is the only one of its kind being offered to connect researchers and entrepreneurs with poultry sector technology experts, financiers, bankers and venture capitalists looking for new projects to fund. Learn more about the Poultry Tech Summit.


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What will the poultry industry look like post-COVID-19?

How consumer trends, new technologies will shape the next five to 10 years.
In 2020, the poultry industry grappled with challenges associated with the global COVID-19 pandemic – from supply chain issues to changes in how and where people consumed chicken. Which emerging technologies will solve these problems?
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Poultry Tech Summit goes virtual in October 2020

Register for this one-of-a-kind event to learn about the technologies that are innovating the future of the industry.
Join an exclusive gathering of industry-changing innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, technology experts, investors and leading poultry producers at the Virtual Poultry Tech Summit on October 20-22, 2020.
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Technologies, innovations needed for Poultry Tech Summit

The Poultry Tech Summit is seeking applications for both innovation and technology presentations, due May 15, 2020. Virtual presentation option now being offered.
Because of the ongoing disruption to international travel being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Poultry Tech Summit will now accept innovation and technology presentation submissions from speakers who are not certain that they will be able to attend in person. The organizers of the Poultry Tech Summit encourage these individuals to apply to be considered as a “virtual” presenter.
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New methods for sanitizing and pasteurizing shell eggs

A microwave system for pasteurizing table eggs and an egg sanitizing system utilizing hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light may provide options for reducing food safety risks.
Learn about new techniques for microwave pasteurization of shell eggs and hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light for sanitizing egg shells.
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