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Poultry Tech Summit News

Poultry Tech Summit is a new conference that focuses on transition of innovative technologies from researchers and entrepreneurs into commercial applications for the benefit of the poultry industry. This event is the only one of its kind being offered to connect researchers and entrepreneurs with poultry sector technology experts, financiers, bankers and venture capitalists looking for new projects to fund. Learn more about the Poultry Tech Summit.


Poultry industry: New technologies and innovations needed

Innovation has been the key to the success of the poultry industry; the Poultry Tech Summit is seeking innovators.
Adoption of new technologies and innovations has played a significant role in the growth and success of the poultry industry. Innovative technologies have been developed by researchers and inventors to improve food safety, increase productivity, improve bird health and lower the cost of delivering poultry meat and eggs to consumers around the globe.
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Robotics may be the answer to US labor shortage

A researcher at Georgia Tech discussed his work in creating a robot that can manage a commercial chicken house in order to minimize human work load and gather data to better inform management.
This robot can assess equipment, remove floor eggs, recognize mortality and give a qualitative analysis of birds and the environment.
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Innovative production technologies showcased at Poultry Tech Summit

The attendees learned about developments in big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation.
On November 5-7, WATT Global Media hosted the inaugural Poultry Tech Summit attracting attendees from more than 20 countries including Brazil, China, Egypt, Netherlands, Peru, United Kingdom and many others.
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16 innovations to change poultry production

Poultry Tech Summit 2018 scoured the R&D and entrepreneurial world for the next tech breakthroughs that will cut production costs, speed processes and improve quality.
The first-ever Poultry Tech Summit brought together tech innovators, venture capitalists and poultry companies from 20 countries to triangulate on the next generation of technology that will solve problems and open new opportunities in poultry production.
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What Tyson Ventures sees in the future of poultry

Managing Director Reese Schroeder highlighted six innovation areas as part of the Poultry Tech Summit
Alternative proteins; environmental impact; digital platforms; shelf life extension; animal well-being; consumer driven platforms and the area of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation will shape the future of the poultry industry.
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3 poultry technology solutions to harness big data

What kinds of poultry production problems do blockchain and machine learning solve, and can they solve yours? To know the answer, you need to be at Poultry Tech Summit.
Technologies are becoming available to leverage blockchain and machine-learning technologies to detect, predict and manage outcomes in poultry health, production efficiency, product quality and food safety throughout the supply chain.
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