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Perdue partners with soy genetics business ZeaKal

The proprietary technology can increase photosynthetic capacity of crops, which could improve the sustainability of poultry operations.

Perdue AgriBusiness signed a multi-year development agreement with ZeaKal to boost the sustainability of its poultry production through better soy genetics and feed quality.

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Wanted: Poultry technology ready to transform the industry

The Poultry Tech Summit offers inventors and technology experts a unique opportunity to share their work with industry leaders and investors.

The Poultry Tech Summit is seeking applications for both innovation and technology presentations. This call for innovation and technology presentations offers inventers and technology experts the opportunity to share their work and network with a global audience.

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Is it time to shift strategies against avian influenza?

A different approach to control the virus in commercial poultry flocks could be more effective, said researchers from the University of Sydney.

The mass vaccination of commercial poultry against avian influenza could be the best way to prevent future outbreaks, researchers from the University of Sydney wrote in Science.

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FFAR offers $6 million for layer hen keel bone research

The program recognizes a need for solutions that work at a commercial scale.

The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) and Open Philanthropy launched a new funding program to provide $6 million of support to research projects that develop scalable solutions to reduce keel bone damage in layer hens.

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