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Compound stops Listeria spread during food processing

Cobalt-doped titanium-dioxide is active in both light and dark to prevent bacterial growth.
Researchers at the University of Houston have discovered a new compound, cobalt-doped titanium-dioxide (CoO-TiO2), that could halt the reproduction of Listeria monocytogenes and other bacteria in food products.
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Ag-tech startup interest renews after COVID-19 slowdown

After earlier ‘retracting their claws,’ investors see benefits of learning about startups virtually
Investor interest in agriculture technology companies may have waned during the first couple of months of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that interest appears to be picking back up, said Kieran Furlong, innovation mentor at University of Wisconsin-Madison and a venture partner with Finistere Ventures.
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McDonald’s: COVID-19 highlights need for better ag-tech

Advances in automation, robotics, blockchain and more will protect the supply chain against future challenges, wrote the brand’s chief supply officer for North America.
COVID-19 exposed vulnerabilities in the supply chain, highlighting the need for further innovation in the way poultry and meat is produced and processed, a McDonald’s executive wrote for CNN Business.
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