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ergonomic wearables

Digitally tracking worker movements to reduce injuries

When plant managers know workers move in manners that are potentially hazardous, they can help them make corrections and cut down on injuries and absenteeism
A new wearable digital technology has already shown to help meat and poultry plant workers become aware of their potentially hazardous movements that could cause injuries. But the technology could also have additional benefits to workers on poultry farms and feed mills.
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Tomorrow’s poultry tech focuses on better data management

The most promising innovations will help farmers obtain the greatest value from information collected.
Future innovations in the poultry industry will combine data science with biology, manufacturing and other disciplines to improve and streamline operations, said a trio of presenters during the Virtual Poultry Tech Summit 2020.
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How AI can help integrators solve unseen problems

Using advanced artificial intelligence software, integrators can find solutions through data that would otherwise difficult to perceive.
New artificial intelligence technology can help integrators save money and get better flock performance by facilitating investigation and decision making.
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5 poultry innovations ready to change the industry in 2021

Technologies that could disrupt future production and processing operations.
COVID-19 posed numerous challenges for the poultry industry, from worker shortages to interruptions throughout the supply chain. New technologies can help the industry solve these issues and look forward to future opportunities to thrive and succeed.
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Bacon-scented masks? Color me curious

Hormel Foods launches Black Label Breathable Bacon masks and drawing to win them
Hormel Foods, parent company of Black Label Bacon, has found a way to make donning a mask not only a health-conscious thing to do as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, but also something that can be pleasing to the senses.
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Raised and Rooted

Taste determines success of plant-based proteins

Product acceptance is tied to developing a meat alternative that feels like the real thing.
New plant-based protein products better mimic the taste and texture of traditional animal proteins, which has helped drive consumer interest and sales of meat alternatives, said Harshal Kshirsagar, VP of R&D Alternative Proteins, Tyson Foods.
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Study: Eggshell membrane supplement eases arthritis symptoms

Researchers say it offers an affordable treatment while also reducing food waste
A product based on eggshell membrane alleviated pain from osteoarthritis, according to researchers in The Netherlands. They said that the product offered affordable health care as well as a sustainable use of a food waste material.
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