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Lab-grown fat coming to a menu near you?

Affordable, laboratory grown fat, may make meat alternative products all the more palatable if a London start-up can deliver.
Laboratory grown fat is product of choice for start-up company Hoxton Farms, which aims to bring to alternative fat to the alternative meat market
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FDA: Future of food safety traceability is digital

Blockchain and other new technologies can help the supply chain running smoothly, even in times of crisis.
Emerging digital technologies will improve the traceability and transparency of the supply chain, creating a better food safety culture in the U.S., Frank Yiannis, FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy Response, said.
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Will the world’s largest meat company be vegan?

Newcomers may leapfrog traditional meat producers if the livestock producers do not adjust to change
Today’s meat producers need to keep a close eye on laboratory grown meat and consider whether embracing the technology may be the route to their long-term survival
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Remote sensing models US domestic poultry population

The findings could help the industry be prepared for future infectious disease outbreaks.
Researchers at Colorado State University and APHIS used remote sensing and synthetic data approaches to estimate the domestic poultry population in the U.S., information that could help prepare the industry for potential future avian disease outbreaks.
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