Foremost Farms Inc. has signed a supply agreement with global genetics leader PIC to allow for more PIC Gene Transfer boars, PIC399 and PIC337, to enter Foremost’s artificial insemination stud. Foremost plans to quickly contribute to its growing herd improvement program while optimizing production and improving the quality and efficiency of its sow operations, according to the company.


Both the PIC399 and PIC337 are the preferred boars of professional Filipino hog raisers seeking to produce the maximum kilos of quality pork per carcass efficiently with the least feed consumed and in the shortest time possible, said PIC. “We teamed up with PIC as our genetic supply partner to help us boost our production, lower costs and improve quality for our customers," said Sharon Tan, chief operating officer of Foremost. "With PIC’s global technical expertise and experience in supplying large operations, we are optimistic that we can improve our farm’s output and profitability."