A Cargill Animal Nutrition business and Purac, a subsidiary of CSM, announced their partnership in developing and commercializing bio-based animal feed solutions. These solutions promote stronger growth and better feed conversion in less than optimal conditions during poultry production while simultaneously reducing the usage of antibiotics, according to the companies. A first commercial product, Aloapur, will reach the market in July of this year.

Under the collaboration, Purac, a lactic acid and lactic acid derivatives producer, is focusing on technology development and production of Aloapur, while Cargill Animal Nutrition's Provimi business, a premix, specialties and feed additives supplier, is focused on application development and commercialization of the product.

Aloapur, a bio based animal feed solution for the improvement of the general health of animals, has been developed and patented by Purac. Aloapur is based on lactylates and improves growth and feed conversion in poultry and turkey production, according to Purac. Commercial production will start in July in a newly built production facility at the Purac site in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. Cargill's Provimi business will develop the application and offer Aloapur.


"CSM is developing into a leading provider of bio-based ingredients and solutions. Our collaboration with Cargill is fully in line with our strategy to develop commercially attractive bio-based alternatives using renewable and sustainable resources. This new technology, Aloapur, for animal health is based on our core competence in lactic acid derivatives and emulsifiers. We believe that this technology has the potential to significantly reduce the usage of low dosage antibiotics as growth promoters in animal feed, without negatively impacting production. Cargill, the world leader in animal feed, will market Aloapur, opening up a world of opportunities," said Marco Bootz, vice president of Chemical and Pharmaceuticals at Purac.

"The use of lactylates in poultry feeds is an exciting new concept in animal nutrition. This technology offers a promising, innovative nutritional solution to improve broiler and turkey health and growth in suboptimal conditions; and Cargill's Provimi business is perfectly positioned to help bring this solution to the marketplace," said Scot Ainslie, vice president of Strategic Marketing and Technology at Cargill Animal Nutrition.