Foster Farms resumed production at its plant in Livingston, Calif., on January 11 after the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) determined Foster Farms had satisfactorily completed necessary sanitation and treatment measures at the plant. Foster Farms on January 8 closed its fresh chicken processing plant in Livingston  for a thorough sanitization and treatment after FSIS issued a notice of non-compliance after the discovery of a cockroach at the Foster Farms plant.

There were four previous instances when cockroaches were found at the plant, FSIS reported.

No other Foster Farms poultry plants were affected by the FSIS order to halt operations, and no products were affected. Foster Farms shifted production from Livingston to its other California plants during this time.


"We want to assure our consumers, customers and valued employees that we worked diligently to address and resolve this issue. Our efforts included developing a comprehensive preventative plan with full documentation that received USDA-FSIS approval," the company said in a statement.

"Foster Farms was founded on a commitment to excellence, honesty, quality and service. We have devoted our fullest efforts to resolve this issue. As a company, Foster Farms will emerge stronger and with a continued commitment to quality," Foster Farms President Ron Foster said.