Allen Family Foods, Inc., announced this month its plans to invest $15 million in a new feed mill in Cannon, Del., and expand two Maryland processing plants in the next two years. Capacity at the new feed mill will be 6,000 tons of feed per week initially, but it will be expandable to 12,000 tons per week. The processing plants slated for expansion are in Hurlock and Cordova, and the $11 million expansions will increase employment at the two plants from 1,270 to just over 2,000 employees.

Pat Cauley, president and COO, Allen Family Foods, said, “Our sales have increased to the point we needed to add capacity.” It was not announced how much slaughter capacity will increase as a result of the expansions of the Hurlock and Cordova plants, nor was the number of additional broiler houses needed to support this expansion released.


Allen Family Foods was the USA’s sixteenth largest boiler company in 2006 with a weekly slaughter of 11.78 million ready-to-cook pounds. There are three major broiler integrators who do business on the Delmarva Peninsula; Perdue Farms, Inc., Mountaire Farms, Inc., and Allen Family Foods, Inc.