Kent Nutrition Group Inc. is recalling one lot of its Blue Seal Home Fresh Starter Amp Medicated Poultry Feed. The recall is being implemented due to the discovery of excess salt in the feed concerning lot number 1015072.

Salt (sodium chloride) is an essential nutrient for all animals. However, excess salt intake can be dangerous especially if access to clean water is limited. Salt toxicity in birds results in thirst, trouble breathing, fluid discharge from the beak, wet droppings, weakness or paralysis of the legs, and even death. Customers should contact their veterinarian if their birds experienced adverse health effects while consuming the affected product.

The poultry feed being recalled was manufactured in Columbus, Nebraska. Beginning March 18 through March 25, the product was distributed to six dealerships in Nebraska. Product is sold in 50 lb. bags. At this time, 64- 50 lb. bags of Blue Seal Home Fresh Starter Amp Medicated Poultry Feed Lot 1015072 remains unaccounted for. The lot number of the product is located on the tape of the sewed-end of the bag.


The recall is the result of routine sampling by Kent Nutrition Group which indicated an excess amount of salt in the feed. Kent Nutrition Group’s products that are not from this specific lot are not affected by the recall.

Customers who have purchased Blue Seal Home Fresh Starter Amp Medicated from lot number 1015072 are urged to return it to their Kent Dealer for a full refund. Customer questions or concerns may be directed to the company at +1.800.552.9620 Monday through Friday during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.