Nutriad a global leader in feed additives solutions, was an active participant at the recent VICTAM Asia 2018, a trade show focused on feed processing, additives; ingredients and aquafeed in Asia. The event, along with various conferences, took place in Bangkok, allowing industry professionals and academics from across the region to participate and discuss on the latest developments in the dynamic feed market.

BK Chew, APAC Director Nutriad, explained that it was the first time Nutriad participated at VICTAM and highlighted the efficient set up as it allowed to participate in three major conferences Aqua Feed Horizon, FIAAP and GRAPAS at the same time. 

DR. Glenn Alfred Ferriol, Area Manager for the Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia presented on “Mycotoxin Management in Stored Grains” at GRAPAS, analyzing the difference between controlling mold growth and managing the risk of mycotoxin contamination in grains. He emphasized that raw materials such as corn, are already contaminated with mycotoxins right at plantations and upon harvest, as was shown by the annual mycotoxin survey.

Depending on how long grains are stored silos, an appropriate anti-mold program needs to be applied to control the mold growth, which in turn will help minimize the increase in the level of storage mycotoxins. The next step is to do a confirmatory testing using a more accurate method (GC/LC-MS/MS) in testing the finished feeds or end products. Nutriad’s app MYCOMAN allows producers to determine and apply the right mycotoxin deactivators
and dosage.


Nutriad offers an effective anti-mold product range (MOLD-NIL); a complete range of mycotoxin deactivators (UNIKE, TOXY-NIL PLUS & TOXY-NIL); and services like raw material screening to help asses and address the risk of mycotoxin contamination.

Daniel Ramirez, Business Development Manager Digestive Performance, presented on gut health at FIAAP. “Nutriad’s ADIMIX product range exploit the proven health benefits of butyrate and provides a cost-effective option to improve animal performance. ADIMIX Precision enhances enteric development and intestinal health as well as nutrient absorption.

It furthermore provides support for the control of Salmonella and Campylobacter infections,” stated Ramirez.