Simmons officially welcomed 31 high school and college students joining the company for summer internships on May 30. After hearing directly from senior leadership about the mission and vision of Simmons, interns each had the opportunity to introduce themselves and share about their summer project.

Internship projects ranged from LED lighting installation work to developing nursing and safety training to optimizing inventory management systems.

Along with lunch, each intern was given a gift bag including a limited edition Simmons T-Shirt featuring the theme “Do Real Work”.

“Part of our Put People First value is the underlying belief that every person on our team has value and is critical to our shared success,” said Michael Owens, Simmons’ Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition. “Our interns don’t do coffee runs. We expect them to make real contributions to our bottom line. It’s a tremendous real-world learning opportunity for both the student and the Simmons manager.”


Students watched short clip about Pet Food Buyer Mason Lemmons who started as an intern at the company. Mason was recently promoted from Warehouse Supervisor to his current position.

“It has been exciting to see Mason grow his career at Simmons. We hope to provide that opportunity to many more interns in the future,” said Melisa Robrahn, Talent Acquisition Manager at Simmons.

Congratulations and welcome, interns!

  1. Shaina Denton, University of Arkansas
  2. Emily Adams, University of Arkansas
  3. Zack Cain, University of Arkansas
  4. Kerrigan Kissinger, University of Arkansas
  5. Austin Miller, University of Arkansas
  6. Charley Rayfield, Oklahoma State University
  7. Josh Bender, University of Arkansas – Fort Smith
  8. Ben Griffin – Arkansas Tech University
  9. Nichole Frear, University of Arkansas
  10. Storm Skyrme, Fayetteville High School
  11. Andrew Kamisato, Siloam Springs High School
  12. Tim Stults, University of Arkansas
  13. Logan Dunn, Lyons College
  14. Issac Lopez, University of Houston
  15. Rene Caraveo, University of Arkansas
  16. Shelby Calico, University of Arkansas
  17. Madison Spence, John Brown University
  18. Megan Culpepper, University of Colorado
  19. Quincy Gao, University of Arkansas
  20. Allison Torres, Texas A&M University
  21. Kaylie Jones, Arkanas Tech University
  22. Erin Lorch, University of Arkansas
  23. Katlynn Martin, University of Arkansas
  24. Carolina Taylor, Emporia State University
  25. Amanda Dainton, University of Illinois
  26. Leslie Lewis, University of Arkansas
  27. Grant Thornton, University of Arkansas
  28. Emalee Copeland, Northeastern State University
  29. Darryl Nichols, University of Arkansas
  30. Kylee Mai, University of Arkansas
  31. Samantha Varela, University of Arkansas