SVG Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based venture and innovation firm, announced today that Valley Irrigation, a Valmont Company, has become the latest Corporate Partner to join its Thrive Venture & Innovation Platform. Valley Irrigation is The Leader in Precision Irrigation and offers a pivotal end-to-end cloud-based platform with real-time equipment, environmental, and agronomic data. The immediate data provides solutions for conserving water and meeting the growing demand for food. The new partnership between Valley and SVG signifies the company’s continued commitment to advancing a more efficient and sustainable agriculture supply chain through best-in-class technology. 

SVG-Thrive leverages its award winning global AgTech platform to connect corporate partners like Valley with their worldwide network of entrepreneurs to drive innovation and identify emerging technologies that advance the future of food and agriculture. Valley will have the opportunity to partner with startups, participate in global pitch events, mentor accelerator startups, custom programs and workshops, and join SVG’s network of corporate AgTech partners. 

“We are delighted to welcome Valley Irrigation as the latest Corporate Partner. Progressive corporations, like Valley, are proactively looking across the globe for innovative solutions,” said John Hartnett, Founder & CEO of SVG Ventures-Thrive. “Our platform delivers qualified dealflow and incredible opportunities for both our corporate partners and our startups,” he added. 

In 2018, irrigation charted as a $1.03 billion (USD) global industry and is expected to reach $2.84 billion by 2025, advancements in the irrigation space represent a significant opportunity for disruptive technology. From the initial offering of GPS guidance in tractors to today’s predictive analysis, the technology involved in farming operations has evolved, but the goal has remained the same: increase ROI for the grower. Valley Irrigation is focused on optimizing the future of AgTech with the knowledge that water is still the most important determinant of yield. Applying water accurately and efficiently results in higher profits. Valley realizes the power in fully connected crop management tools by incorporating the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sensor technology. The latest Valley Irrigation pivots will now be able to not only apply water and crop protection products, but also to scout for other issues that threaten yields, such as pests and disease. 


“The partnership between SVG Ventures and Valley Irrigation is creating great value for us and other organizations dedicated to evolving technologies in agriculture,” said Trevor Mecham, Vice President, Global Technology Strategy for Valley. “The organizational structure that SVG-Thrive has provided creates not only great collaborations amongst leading industry providers to scale their businesses and relationships, but also provides insight into new AgTech companies that are up and coming.” 

Valley Irrigation continues to raise the bar on technological advancements and recently announced another industry first with their cloud-based remote management platform that establishes a new competitive advantage for irrigation management.

“This new innovation furthers the Valley tradition of helping growers become more advanced and efficient,” said Andy Carritt, Vice President, Product Development. “This industry first will be with updates functioning similarly to the smartphone updates most people are familiar with – but for their smart panels.”