Quebec-based food safety and software expert Datahex announces its partnership with the leading Canadian meat packaging and food processing company, Olymel. Since September 2019, several of Olymel’s production sites have implemented the Paperless Forms solution enabling them to make faster decisions. Designed to facilitate the analysis of critical data, the software helps businesses maintain quality and improve their food safety systems. The deployment of Datahex’s technology to Olymel’s production and distribution sites across Canada is expected to be completed by September 2020.

“This partnership is in line with our growth efforts and reflects the relationship of trust we have established with Olymel,” said Charles Mussely, Co-Founder and President at Datahex. "We are proud to bring our expertise to the forefront of the industry and pleased to contribute to Olymel’s long tradition of excellence.”

The Paperless Forms technology will allow Olymel to capture, standardize, centralize, and analyze data from their production sites more efficiently to meet globally recognized government and industry agribusiness regulations. The tool will also be a powerful ally for the company in terms of prevention and continuous improvement.


“Innovation is a key factor in our success and food safety is at the heart of our concerns. Datahex shares our vision, making them the right partner,” explained Dr. Sylvain Fournaise, Vice President, Food Safety and Technical Services at Olymel. “By having an instant overview of our data, we will be able to make informed decisions even faster than before, which is critical when it comes to the safety of our products.”

Businesses that rely heavily on paper systems experience reduced productivity and see significant expenses associated with lost documents, the risk of obsolescence and inefficient workflow. In the United States alone, companies spend more than $120 billion a year on printed forms. Datahex’s technology aims to optimize time and reduce costs.

“The results are promising, and we are impressed with the ease of deployment observed in our production sites so far,” added Dr. Fournaise. “Implementing Paperless Forms also further demonstrates our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint to preserve the planet’s resources.”