Anne-Marie Neetson, Shaddrha Kaul and Erica Charlton have been unanimously elected as chairpersons for working groups (WGs) within the International Poultry Council (IPC).

Neetson will lead the working group on animal health and welfare, Kaul will lead the working group on communication, while Charlton will head the working group on food quality.

IPC President Robin Horel welcomed the news as a great step for the IPC: “I am very happy with this news, in particular with the choice of groups. Anne-Marie, Shraddha and Erica have long been involved in IPC activities, known by everyone for their skills and professionalism and I have no doubt that they will be a fundamental added value for the Association.”

Meetings of these three groups, with the election of the chairs, is part of the plan for the resumption of WGs’ activities which will continue shortly with the Working Group on Sustainability and Environment and on Trade.


Anne-Marie Neeteson

Neetson is responsible for welfare and sustainability in Aviagen Group (chicken and turkey) since May 2011. Internally, she has, for instance, set up global welfare audit system with internal and official external audits. Externally, she is active in representation work and relative working groups. In the past, she has represented the IPC at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) related initiatives, and chaired the IPC Environment and Sustainability WG. Previously Neetson ran the European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders.

Shraddha Kaul 

Kaul is the director of external affairs for the British Poultry Council. Kaul is an external affairs expert who has worked across a range of sectors including consumer goods and international development. She has a strong track record of delivering strategic communications campaigns and engagement programmes that have influenced policy making and improved public perception of heavily scrutinized industries.

Erica Charlton 

Charlton represents the Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council (CPEPC) where she has held the position of CPEPC Technical Director since 2006. She is responsible primarily for technical files for Canadian poultry meat processing companies, and occasionally for the egg processing companies, as needed. Charlton acts as industry/government liaison and is the processor industry’s single point of contact on technical issues with relevant Canadian government bodies. Canada has been a member of IPC since its inception and Charlton was a member of the Food Safety and Processing working group from the beginning. She holds a Bachelor of Science, Biology.