New collaboration on Russian poultry processing standards

Cherkizovo Group signs cooperation agreement with the nation’s top poultry research center.

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Creation of new national poultry processing standards is the primary aim of a cooperation agreement between Cherkizovo Lab — part of the Cherkizovo Group â€” and the All-Russian Research and Development Institute of Poultry Processing Industry (VNIIPP).

During a visit to the Cherkizovo Research and Development Laboratory in the Moscow region recently, the agreement was signed by VNIIPP Director Vladislav Budrik, and Lab Director Sergey Shapovalov.

The collaboration is set to focus on the development of new poultry processing standards in Russia, as well as the introduction of the a technical regulation for the Eurasian Economic Union covering the safety of poultry meat and processed products. Future joint Research and Development efforts are expected many aspects of poultry processing.

“I am confident that by combining their expertise, our scientists and production specialists will achieve impressive results that will not only support the development of Cherkizovo Group, but the poultry processing industry as a whole,” Shapovalov said.

According to Cherkizovo, its Lab was set up in 2016 at a cost of EUR10 million (US$10.9 million). It carries out research on a range of educational and social projects. 

More on Cherkizovo Group

With annual slaughterings approaching 330 million birds, Cherkizovo Group is in the Top 10 largest poultry companies in Europe, according to’s Top Poultry Companies survey. As well as chicken meat, the company’s poultry business interests also include table eggs and turkey meat.

According to the firm’s website, it is leads the rankings in Russia for output of total meat and animal feed. It is the nation’s second-largest producer of chicken and turkey meats.

For the 2022 financial year, Cherkizovo Group generated a net profit of 14.6 billion rubles (RUB; US$161.4 million) on total revenue of RUB184.3 billion.

In the past few days, the company has announced it achieved exports of more than 110,000 metric tons in 2023. This total includes chicken as the main product category, and exports generated a year-on-year increase in revenue of 15% for Cherkizovo Group.

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