A new approach to poultry transportation that features curtain-sider design, forced airflow and both heating and cooling could optimize the shipping climate and improve bird welfare.

“The European Union (EU) is already prohibiting transport on days hotter than 35 ℃ (95 ℉). Germany raised the bar last week to 30 ℃ (85 ℉) and more countries will follow this trend. If we do not take action, then we will be confronted with large limitations in the near future,” Dick van Ravenhorst, owner, Van Ravenhorst Transport Solutions, said.

Van Ravenhorst will be speaking alongside Anne-Jo Smits, project manager, Poultry Expertise Centre, at the Poultry Tech Summit, scheduled for October 30 - November 1 in Atlanta, Georgia. This one-of-a-kind in-person event facilitates the transition of innovation technologies from researchers and entrepreneurs into commercial applications for the benefit of the poultry industry. 

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A cooler approach to poultry transportation

The objective of the new trailer design is to improve animal welfare and to increase transport efficiency of poultry transported to the slaughterhouse, without making concessions in terms of the number of modules plus the process of loading/unloading of modules.


“Current trailers have at best some sort of curtain-protection but no controlled airflow nor cooling,” Van Ravenhorst and Smits explained.

“The new trailer has curtains and a controlled airflow and is thereby able to reduce temperatures of incoming air by 10 ℃ in case of extreme high outside temperatures. In case of low outside temperatures, the incoming air temperature can be increased by using the heat produced by the transported poultry.”

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