About 100 representatives from feed industries, government agencies and associations from Latin America and the Caribbean are due to meet in Mexico in April for the region's first meeting on regulatory issues in animal feeds.

Under its formal title of the 1st Latin American/Caribbean Feed Regulators’ Meeting, it is set for April 20 in Cancun, Mexico, and coincides with the opening of the III Global Feed and Food Congress, that runs April 20-23.

Participants at the regulators meeting are being invited by the FAO and Feed Latina, the new regional federation that represents about 120 million tons of animal feed production in Latin American and Caribbean countries.


“There are a number of important regulatory themes to be discussed involving the whole Latin American and Caribbean region as an economic bloc,” says Flavia Ferreria de Castro of Feed Latina.

“These include registration of feed additives, labeling and inspection, also residues and contaminants, biotechnology and Good Manufacturing Practices, both for commercial feed manufacturers and on-farm mixers. We want to encourage Latin American and Caribbean representatives, working with Feed Latina and FAO, for the unification and harmonization of rules in the countries in the region to guarantee competitiveness, quality and food safety,” she said.