Malawi is a relatively small, land-locked country in eastern Africa. With a population of around 12 million, it is one of the continent's poorest countries. Aside from chronic poverty, the country has a short history of democracy and its population has suffered with corruption, political violence, AIDS, hunger and only the most basic education. More than 80% of the population live in rural areas, cultivating plots of land too small to feed an average family throughout the year a situation exacerbated at times of drought and flood. Around one-third of the population is malnourished, and 36% of those over 15 years of age are illiterate.

Nevertheless, signs of improvement are emerging. The people are learning how to improve their situation through elected government and improved management of the scarce natural resources.

Hope for the future

Project Malawi is a new project, which has been set up by Sanovo Staalkat Group in co-operation with charity organisation, DanChurchAid. It will start by setting up an egg farm, with the aim to produce and sell eggs to local institutions and in the local market.


The first step is to build the hen house for 300 birds, and to set up the support infrastructure including quality feed supply, education for the local staff and medications for the birds. This will be organised by a selected group of local women who were among the first to receive training.

A small beginning it may be but this praiseworthy project offers hope for a better future for the people of Malawi.