Feed additives for monogastric species represented the major innovations at the 2011 IPE. The major product categories represented included enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics all of which have the potential to enhance production efficiency in poultry and hog production.


  • Danisco launched Axtra XAP for the North American market at the IPE. The product comprises a xylanase, amylase and protease combination which is formulated for corn-soybean meal-DDGS diets. The launch was supported by technical presentation at the International Poultry Science Forum and a press briefing by technical and marketing personnel. Studies conducted in the U.K showed a 70kCal/kg uplift in energy for corn-soybean meal diets. The additives improved amino acid digestibility by approximately 4% enhancing feed conversion.
  • Nutrex of Belgium introduced Nutrese Xyla for broiler diets, supported by trials conducted in Georgia which demonstrated superior performance to existing enzymes additives.
  • Adisseo markets Rovabio Excel. This product which incorporates a xylanase, cellulase, protease and a pectiniase contributed to superior feed conversion efficiency and weight gain compared to hen-housed controls fed non-supplemented diets.
  • Alltech ALLZYME SSF, which is derived from solid state fermentation has a broad spectrum of activity including a phytase obtained by manipulation of the fungal strain of the Aspergillus used to synthesize the range of enzymes. The product is suitable for diets based on corn-soy and DDGS diets.

The range of phytase enzymes has remained relatively unchanged with BASF supplying Natuphos, Enzyvia marketing OptiPhos, DSM supplying Ronoyzyme and ABVista promoting 2500XT phytase with a sister product EcomaseXT 25 which has xylanase activity.


Yeast derivatives  

  • Diamond V has achieved increased market penetration for XPC fermentation products especially in the egg industry where it is positioned as an aide in suppressing intestinal colonization by Salmonella spp.
  • Rand D LifeSciences market Lactomace representing a combination of fermentation residues from Bacillus Aspergillus and Trichoderma. This company promotes products principally for the dairy industry.


  • Chr.Hansen launched GalliPro Max, a second generation probiotic for poultry at the 2011 IPE/IFE. The product is based on Bacillus subtilis. The strain incorporated in the product has been selected for rapid proliferation in the presence of Lactobacillus which occurs in the intestinal tract and which may inhibit other probiotic strains. Probiotics contribute to the beneficial components of the flora in the lower intestine, suppressing potentially pathogenic bacteria and enhancing intestinal morphology and hence function.
  • Biomin has introduced Poultry Star containing a live bacteria in combination with fructoolagosaccharide prebiotic.