Solutions to various issues facing the poultry industry were the focus of presentations on the poultry track at Alltech's 27th International Animal Health and Nutrition Industry Symposium in Lexington, Ky. Topics included:


  • Systematic and Intestinal Challenges – What Does it Cost the Bird?
  • Game Changers in Intestinal Health: Confronting the Challenges of Runting and Stunting Syndrome and Antibiotic Free Programs
  • The Egg Comes First: In Ovo Feeding and the Promise of Perinatal Nutrition
  • The Impending Grain Crisis: Using Allzyme SSF to Take Advantage of New Feed Raw Materials
  • How Breeding and Genetics Might Help With Issues Related to Broiler Breeder Production, the Environment and Poultry Welfare
  • Closing the Processing-Nutritionist Feedback Loop – The Hidden Cost of Nutrition – Meat Quality Information Gap
  • Progressive Nutrition: Application for Algae in Human and Animal Health
  • Coping With Ingredient Quality Issues
  • Game Changing Approaches to Feeding the Hen – A Critical Balance for Egg Shell Formation
  • The Broiler Chick Paradox – How In Ovo Feeding Activates Gene Expression and Shapes Future Poultry Performance

Complete summaries of the presentations are available online