Aviagen Kft, the poultry company's Hungarian business unit, recently held its fifth poultry seminar for central European parent stock customers in Lake Balaton, Hungary.

The three-day event, attended by more than 220 guests from 17 countries, consisted of a mixture of regional country updates, practical management advice and topical presentations. Country reviews of the central European region, including Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia, Romania, Czech and Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia were given by Aviagen’s local representatives. Veterinarians and nutritionists also gave presentations on future developments in the use of antibiotics and probiotics, as well as alternatives to combat high feed costs. Aviagen's director of global genetics, Santiago Avenadano, gave the audience a look into the company's poultry breeding program for the next five years.


The seminar also included presentations of the Regional Ross PS Flock Awards, which was presented to Martin Hrvatin of Slovenia for best overall performance and chick output of 146 chicks to 60 weeks. Aviagen's seminar guests were given the opportunity to visit Sümeg Castle in Hungary and enjoy a medieval feast and horse show.