The fashion is to reengineer when something is no longer working at maximum efficiency, and the poultry industry is no exception. Talking to colleagues about the relentless issue of avian influenza, Dr. Miguel Angel Marquez said the Mexican poultry industry will require a thorough structural reform. This means that in several years, it may no longer have the same face as we know it. That is, a) it will require to be less concentrated in terms of production to prevent one area from becoming the largest producer; b) the industry will have to stop moving birds by trucks on the roads for long distances, by bringing processing plants closer to production areas; and c) poultry manure needs to be converted from a dangerous product into a safe product, so that it can be transported anywhere in the country.

I think they are concepts that will need to be thought out and implemented. All of this obviously coupled with the cry of general vaccination, eradication, lack of an emergency poultry fund and many other factors – has already been discussed by producers.

The effects of avian influenza are snowballing. For example, Bachoco had to eliminate 900,000 heavy breeders, which translates into 135 million less chicks per production cycle that do not enter production. These are many chickens in one single cycle. Don't you think it's worthy restructuring the industry?