A few days ago, an importer from Ghana contacted me to ask if I knew the people in some attached e-mails, which supposedly were from one of the largest Brazilian poultry companies exporting chicken. He was desperate, because he no longer received any answers and I really didn’t know to what extent the negotiations and payments had progressed.

At first, I didn’t understand very well what this person was trying to tell me, nor what I had to do with it. Unaware of the situation, all I could think was to put him in contact with the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), because I was sure they would be the ones that could help him.

Nevertheless, just a few days later, news came out that made me understand the missive of the Ghanaian importer: Frauds from supposed “chicken exporters” of Brazil are swarming.

The situation is extremely worrying and has already escalated to Interpol, which issued a Purple Notice worldwide. As reported by the ABPA, it has already informed Interpol of more than 700 cases in which e-mails are cloned, sales slips and even labels are falsified, as well as Seals of Federal Inspection (SIF) of Brazil. We have to be very careful.

I wish I could have helped this person more. Apparently he was a victim of fraud and became part of the statistics. At least, I think, I sent him to the appropriate people.

As the ABPA well noted, this is a problem that affects both, Brazil and the importing country. But I think it can even go further. In a not a very pleasant time for world trade, it is important that we remain aware of this. Exporters, importers and the image of the poultry industry itself are all affected. What do you think?