I just saw a McDonald's Spain ad on the TV that I found funny because it featured a character that is a "chickengan" (a “pollogano” in Spanish, a mix between the words "chicken" and "vegan").

The curious thing about this ad was that the character was supposed to be a freak, a weirdo who seems to have been a vegan and became a superfan of chicken — that is, a “chickengan.” In other words, in this case, the character leaves aside the alleged extremism of a vegan to now eat meat, especially chicken.

A post by Exor720 in the forum website MediaVida says that "the new way to be a transgressor is to be politically incorrect." And I do not doubt it considering what some of the new world leaders say! Maybe it is politically incorrect to call someone different — like a vegan — a "freak" or a "weirdo". In fact, there are already a few requests asking McDonald's to remove the ad for that very reason. I think we are missing a little humor in our lives.

However, let's also recognize that there have been excesses of those who do not want to eat meat by their own decision, against those who do. Chicken included. We must also recognize that just as there are people who stop eating animal origin products and become vegan, there are those who return to their previous habits for whatever reason. As long as it's a free and well-founded decision, it's fine.

The issue is that I liked the play on words. I liked that chicken is promoted (although not so much fast food) and I liked that chicken is the focus of attention. I liked the fact that there is a chicken fanatic. What do you think?