Sometimes I get the impression that the poultry and livestock industries live with an almost perennial hangover from which they cannot recover, with respect to what groups against animal production do.

The farm to fork gap widens further. The increasingly urban society knows less and less about what is behind what they eat. Although it is claimed that the consumer knows more, because “information” is obtained by reading labels, I am frankly not so sure about it. 

Food companies try to connect with the consumer through marketing, social media, research and product development. And producers? They are the beginning of the chain, but the lash that occurs from the end of the chain goes backwards and will be suffered by them.

Fake news continues through weepy images from slaughterhouses that are pitiful, dirty and of very poor quality (which, by the way, authorities allow) and of course, animals seem mistreated. It is clear that if they show that, people will feel compassion. What other reaction can be expected from the public? Or from ourselves? In addition, they use actresses (and perhaps actors too) to give their "expert" opinion. These are characters who, with all due respect, are unknown to me. And with this, of course, whatever they say becomes the resounding truth, as if it was spoken by God.

With deepfake currently circulating around us, one of these days someone will make the bad move of using algorithms and technology to produce videos of animal abuse. A stream of blood gushing out over here, a dying chicken out there, whining over there and that's it. You will see. Let’s see who can distinguish between truth and lies. It will be even harder.

Hopefully we will soon metabolize that “alcohol” that has given us that awful hangover. Or maybe we need a good aspirin.

What do you think?