When you think of the word “sandwich,” what comes to mind?

For most people, it probably means some form of meat or peanut butter between two pieces of bread or in a bun.

That’s more or less how Merriam-Webster defines it. Look up the word and you will find the following definition: “Two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between.”

But there is a movement to loosen up that definition.

Tyson Foods’ Jimmy Dean brand has started a petition to Merriam-Webster on change.org to do just that.

“This definition is stale. There are countless ways to build a sandwich. Delightful deli meats between crisp pieces of iceberg lettuce. Savory chicken between two grilled portobello mushrooms. And anyone who has tried a Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’wich can tell you that two egg frittatas work just as well as bread to hold savory sausage and cheese together. But the dictionary clearly believes that a sandwich must start with bread,” the petition read.

Tyson Foods' Jimmy Dean Delights Egg'wich products may not include a bun or slices of bread, but the company says it clearly is a sandwich. | Photo courtesy of Tyson Foods

Recommended new definition

The company’s recommendation for the updated definition of “sandwich” is: “two or more layers of delicious food, having more delicious food filled in between.”

The Tyson Foods folks then call on people to join them and add their names to the petition.

Possible revision to proposed definition

As of around noon on November 2, the petition had not yet gathered a great deal of signatures, but I pondered signing it myself. After all, it makes sense to me and it is something I could get behind. Plus, it seems like just plain fun.

However, one change to this proposed new definition might need to be changed, and that is the word “delicious.”

After all, I can remember as a kid on more than one occasion being expected to eat a tuna salad sandwich. It was far from delicious, so would such a sandwich not be a sandwich after all?

I guess that’s for the decision makers at Merriam-Webster to sort out.