I don’t follow the rap music scene, but I would suspect that no songs from that genre about poultry processing have hit the charts.

But when someone told me about a rap video to promote the Pilgrim’s Pride poultry plant in Douglas, Georgia, I knew I had to check it out.

While it’s not my style of music, I thought the song – known as the Pilgrim’s Pride Anthem – and its related video were spectacular.

As the poultry industry struggles to attract and retain workers, the video is clearly a recruitment tool, and one that ought to get results.

At the beginning of the video, plant manager Mark Dean introduces Steven Wilson, a Pilgrim’s Pride employee who wrote and performed the song. Dean thanks Wilson for the energy he put into the song and video, and thanks the other Pilgrim’s associates in Douglas. Also standing with Wilson is Kenyell Carson, who is the plant’s human resources manager. Carson, in the video invites people to apply for positions at the company’s plant in Douglas, or other company facilities.

Once the music portion of the video begins, it is clear that Wilson is proud to work for Pilgrim’s, and he enjoys his co-workers. A number of them -- Keyornie McMillan Destiny Hawkins, Jisaundra Gifford, James Dryden, Stephanie Moore, Cartina Seay, Annett Stephnes, Shakiera Jones and Neteshia Strozie – dance behind Wilson in front of the facility as he raps.

The camera shows workers from all areas of the plant, enjoying being part of the production. Scenes from the all over the plant are shown, and Wilson gives recognition to workers in many of the plant’s operations, including paw production, margination, the boxroom and shipping.

He also highlights a perk of the job, which is if you work on a holiday, you could win a television or possibly even a car.

The people in this video obviously had a lot of fun shooting this video, and based on that, a potential job applicant can view the Pilgrim’s plant as a good place to work where the workers take pride in what they do.

Isn’t that what all people look for in an employer?