The chicken sandwich craze has become so large that now, people are imagining and fantasizing that their favorite eating establishments are serving them, when in fact, they are not.

In-N-Out Burger recently learned this the hard way, thanks to a video that had been spread on social media, that evidently used some creative editing to make it look like the fast-food chain had a chicken sandwich on its “secret menu.”

A TikTok user shot a video in which footage is shot from outside an In-N-Out location, and a female voice says they will order a chicken sandwich. Once inside, a male asks to order a chicken sandwich from the secret menu. You see an In-N-Out employee’s torso, but not his face. But you do not see him agree to serve him such a sandwich.

Then you see what appears to be a chicken sandwich in an In-N-Out wrapper on a tray. “Wow, it actually does exist,” the video narrator says.

That video is shown on the KTLA website, which also reported on the situation. But the statement that such a sandwich exists, is false.

“The social media videos featuring a chicken sandwich or chicken burger at our restaurants are not accurate,” an In-N-Out spokesperson stated. “The videos were likely created as a prank or to attract online attention.”

And evidently there are not plans to serve one in the future.

“We remain committed to serving just those menu items (burgers, fries and drinks) in order to allow us to keep our intense focus on the quality of the products we serve,” the spokesperson said.

Well, it doesn’t hurt to fantasize, but this took things too far. I hope the prank hasn’t been too stressful for the In-N-Out employees, and that customers don’t ask for one and then get hostile because no such sandwich exists.

Meanwhile, we know there are plenty of other fast-food chains that are serving chicken sandwiches, and these aren’t secrets.