I have seen many clever advertising campaigns over the years, but few in recent history have made me laugh quite as much as Jollibee’s Chris P. Poultry, chicken sandwich attorney campaign.

While Jollibee has a pretty limited presence in the United States, it is still competing for its position in the chicken sandwich wars, with its Chickenwich.

And when you’ve got a fight on your hands, you often need a lawyer.

That’s why in its new advertising campaign, Jollibee created the character, Chris P. Poultry, chicken sandwich attorney.

We’ve all seen those ads with the bombastic attorney, who ensures viewers that if they were done wrong, he or she can make things right. The Jollibee ads do a great job of lampooning these sorts of ads.

“Has your chicken sandwich been too dry, too bland or just plain joyless,” Chris P. Poultry asks in the ad. “Then you need a powerful chicken sandwich lawyer. Call me, Chris P. Poultry, chicken sandwich attorney-at-law. I’ll fight to make sure you get the chicken sandwich you deserve.”

“I deal with chicken sandwich justice every day, and I promise I can get you the joyful chicken sandwich you dserve. Like the crispy, juicy, tasty Chickenwich from Jollibee. … If you’ve had a joyless chicken sandwich and need a top chicken sandwich lawyer, I can help. I’ll make sure you get the chicken sandwich justice you deserve, because getting a joyless chicken sandwich isn’t just wrong, it should be illegal.”

In addition to the hilarious ad spots, Jollibee has established the website, chickensandwichlawyer.com.

On that website, there is an offer to fill out an online form to receive a free Chickenwich from Jollibee.

It’s a shame I don’t live in a state where Jollibee operates, but if you live near any of Jollibee’s 62 locations in the United States, you might have to check it out. And, please, let me know what you think of the sandwich that Chris P. Poultry is so humorously touting.