Beware of vegans prone to road rage behavior

The level of passion some people have on their views opposing consumption of meat and poultry can be downright shocking.

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The level of passion some people have about their views opposing consumption of meat and poultry can be downright shocking.

A recent incident in Madison County, Georgia, is a prime example.

According to reports from Athens Banner-Herald and the New York Post, Judith M. Armstrong intentionally hit a truck hauling live chickens along Georgia’s Highway 72. She then allegedly fled the scene of the accident.

When law enforcement officers eventually reached Armstrong, which was made easier because her license plate was knocked from her car from the impact, she reportedly said she “was a vegan and hit the truck due to it being a chicken truck.”

Evidently, she thought she was protecting those chickens by creating a dangerous situation.

She was arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run, aggressive driving, driving under the influence and obstruction. Armstrong and the truck’s driver were fortunate the wreck ended as it did. Had the outcome been more severe, Armstrong very well could be also facing vehicular homicide charges.

Incident reinforces importance of awareness and safety

While I honestly believe that most people who refuse to eat meat, poultry and eggs won’t stoop to the low level Armstrong apparently did, but it does send out a serious message to those involved in the transportation of live animals or food products from those animals. People are out there that oppose what you are doing, and you never know when one of those people is in your vicinity, or how they will behave.

People are the most valuable assets of any company, so please advise your drivers to be especially aware of traffic safety as they do their jobs that are so vital to your operations.

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