Season’s Greetings from Poultry International

Season's greetings from Poultry International and all best wishes for 2018.

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Olga Lebedeva,
Olga Lebedeva,

The end of the old year and the start of the year ahead is often a time of reflection and, in addition to wishing all our readers and contributors the best wishes of the season, I wanted to share a Getty Images photo from December 1924 of a poultry market in central London.

The market, which was only a couple of minutes from where I live now, is long gone, but it well illustrates how times change, but also stay the same.  Holiday season or not, a live bird market in central London today would be unthinkable, but in many parts of the world buying poultry this way is still the norm.

If you pressed on the link above, I hope you enjoyed the picture of how Londoners prepared for Christmas almost a century ago, and the fine goose that seemed to know it was being photographed. On behalf of the team at Poultry International and WATT Global Media, I wish you every success in 2018.

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