Derailing agriculture transportation logistics

If the problems experienced by the poultry industry weren't enough, now there's a situation with transportation.

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It seems that the order is to add more thorns to the flesh of the poultry industry in Latin America. Things must be more complicated. Now, one of the problems that arises in an overwhelming manner is the logistics of transportation in Mexico.

In recent days we have seen horrific scenes of how organized crime managed to derail a bunch of railroad cars in a rail yard in Orizaba, Veracruz, that transported wheat (and illegal Central American migrants, but this is another issue). 

According to declarations, this "accident" and other affectations of robberies and others to trains and trucks, as well as payment of quotas, are already reaching 30 percent of the agricultural activity in Mexico. How will the poultry industry deal with this very serious problem?

But what is most surprising is the well-worn word of “national security.” Everything is of "national security," from food production, to price increases in chicken or eggs, or the eradication of avian influenza. And the last thing we enjoy is security in the nation.

Of course, this is not exclusive to Mexico. Nicaragua is now facing — because of the political crisis it is experiencing — problems in fertilizer transportation that in turn I suppose will be used to produce the grains that the birds eat, and not to mention the transportation problems in Brazil that seem not to come to an end. Maybe in Venezuela there is not this problem, because there is nothing to transport.

What do you think?

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