Latin American poultry expected to grow more in 2022

Latin America's poultry industry is expected to recover and grow, and notably Mexico, according to a well-known poultry analyst's prediction.

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Patience in withstanding setbacks and difficulties is a virtue, and a virtue like this in the post-pandemic poultry industry may be of help. This is one of the things I took from Paul Aho's recent webinar. Sponsored by USAPEEC, he gave, what I consider, an optimistic webinar on the world post-pandemic perspectives of the chicken and grains markets, focusing on Latin America.

Paul Aho is a poultry economist and analyst well known in Latin America for his excellent educational presentations, which are also clear in insights, straight-forward and without excesses, together with his excellent command of Spanish.

He said that Latin America has been one of the regions in the world most affected by COVID-19. However, in general terms, the poultry industry grew in 2020 in several countries, including exports, although less than in 2019. But there are signs of recovery, and 2022 will show this definite trend.

Aho said that perspectives look good for the Latin American poultry industry. In particular, he stated that Mexico will improve much more that the rest of the region. In my last blog, I discussed the expectations of feed manufacturing growth in Mexico, where poultry feed accounts for almost half of the domestic production. The fact that Mexico is a good example is because poultry proteins continue to be the most preferred by the population.

One thing that needs to be observed is animal health, particularly now with the appearance of African swine fever (ASF) in the continent.

On the other hand, yes, grain prices have gone up, but Aho was most certain that this is reaching a maximum and soon prices will start decreasing. It has been like this ever since grain prices have been recorded for more than 100 years. So poultry producers and feed manufacturers must be reassured that oxygen is coming soon.

This is good news. Isn't it?

What do you think?

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