Butterball sharpens its new image

Butterball has a new look, new image

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"Today, Butterball is the whole bird leader, it is the brand, and it is recognized as such," said Keith Shoemaker, president and CEO, Butterball. He explained that the goal for the Butterball management team is to make the Butterball brand just as successful in its other product lines–deli, tray pack, consumer packaged goods and foodserviceas it is in whole birds. "I don't know how many years this will take us, it won't be next year, but our ultimate goal is to be just as successful in all these different channels as we are in whole birds," he said.

A visit to Butterball LLC's new corporate office in Garner, N.C., served as the backdrop to a conversation with members of the Butterball management team about the company's progress since the merger of the former ConAgra turkey operations and Carolina Turkeys.

Butterball means celebration

Research conducted by Butterball has shown that consumers make an emotional connection between the Butterball brand and celebrations, according to Kerry Doughty, sales and marketing vice president, Butterball. Over the years, the connection made between the Butterball brand and family gatherings has created this association of the brand with celebrations. Butterball looks to capitalize on this connection with a marketing campaign that asks consumers to "celebrate everyday with Butterball."

Doughty said that Butterball is using this consolidated brand positioning to provide a single message which can be taken out to the consumer.

The company now has a unified sales force, where each sales person sells across all lines of products. "They are communicating the essence of celebration to the consumer for not just whole birds, but also for packaged goods, deli items and tray pack," Doughty said. "This way there is a single consistent message going to the consumer."

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