Watt Acquires Egg Industry Magazine

From Poultry Tribune, August 1977

Watt Publishing Co., Mount Morris, Ill. and Garden State Publishing Co., Sea Isle City, N.J., are pleased to announce a merger of publication interests in the poultry industry which both believe will provide a new standard of excellence in presentation, service, and information to a mutual family of loyal readers and advertisers.

Effective with the August 1977 issue, Egg Industry, published by Garden State Publishing Co., will be merged with Watt’s 83-year-old Poultry Tribune, and will continue to be published monthly as Poultry Tribune. Some of the features which have characterized the business management approach of Egg Industry will be incorporated into the editorial format of Poultry Tribune.

Poultry Digest, the GSP production technology journal for broiler, egg, and turkey industries, will continue as a sister publication, affording readers of both Poultry Digest and Poultry Tribune a deeper exposure to the production aspects of the egg industry. Poultry Tribune, as in the past, will continue to cover subjects which affect the management decisions concerned with profits in production, processing, further processing, distribution, marketing and merchandising eggs and egg products.

Included in the merger arrangement are Broiler Industry, a GSP publication, also Feed Management, which will become a sister publication of WPC’s Farm Supplier and GSP’s Petfood Industry.

Broiler Business, a Watt publication, will emerge in August with a new title and new function as Poultry Processing & Marketing. As with Poultry Digest on the production side, it will provide horizontal coverage of the turkey and broiler industries, devoted to the new poultry processing technology and sophisticated distribution system that is emerging so rapidly.

All advertising contracts and subscription fulfillments will be honored under the new arrangement from Mount Morris, Ill.

GSP’s publications will continue to be printed by Garden State Publishing Co. at Sea Isle City, but published by Watt Publishing Co. There are no significant changes in the editorial staffs, except that GSP’s executive vice president, William A. Haffert, Jr., will become editorial director of Watt’s domestic poultry publications.

Horace J. Haffert, president of Garden State Publishing Co., will serve as associate publisher of the four surviving GSP publications that Watt Publishing Co. has acquired; Watt’s Orvel Cockrel is publisher for the merged group of poultry publications.

This brings the family of poultry-related publications in the Watt organization to a total of nine: Poultry International, Industria Avicola, Poultry Tribune, Broiler Industry, Turkey World, Poultry Processing & Marketing, Poultry Digest, Who’s Who in the Egg and Poultry Industries (U.S.A.) and Who’s Who International.

With an unparalleled collection of international poultry talents and resources, Watt Publishing Co. and Garden State Publishing Co. assure you of a measure of excellence and service never before available. We welcome and solicit your help in making our new “joint venture” the success we are sure it will become.

Leslie A. Watt


Watt Publishing Co.

Horace J. Haffert


Garden State Publishing Co.

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