Typhoon hits Taiwan’s chicken, livestock industries

Prices rise due to short supply.

Taiwan's livestock and poultry industries suffered a loss of NT$1.39 billion as of Aug. 16 due to Typhoon Morakot, Beijing's state-run Xinhua News Agency reported based on government data.

More than 4 million birds — including 800,000 hens, 1.5 million broilers and 2 million Sanhuang chicken — were killed in the Typhoon, Chen Mushi, chairman at Taiwan Chicken Producers Association, said in an interview with Taiwan's Today News last week.

As a result of short supply, the price of Sanhuang chicken in Taiwan increased by 48% — from NT$27 per bird to NT$40 per bird on August 17, according to Beijing's state-owned China News Service. And this price may stay over the next 40 weeks until new chicken enters the market, added CNS.

In addition, the loss in terms of hogs was placed at 120,000 head, accounting for 2% of the whole hog output in Taiwan, the CNS report stated. 

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