How engaging with the future poultry consumer will change

Figure out how to cut through the clutter of information.

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The ways that companies engage with poultry consumers is changing and will continue to change over the next few years. One misstep and companies could get left out of the conversation.

“It’s really easy to fall out of touch with what consumers care about. And not just in terms of what food they care about and what health things they care about, but just in general,” said Steve Lerch, president, Story Arc Consulting.

“It just takes a little tiny bit of effort to learn some very useful bits of information that are immediately actionable.”

At the International Poultry Council Second Semester Meeting, Lerch will shed light on consumer behaviors and what companies can or should do to keep up with consumers.

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Reach consumers where they are

It’s important for companies to understand where consumers are and what they need to hear and how they need to hear it.

“In other words, it’s so important that the messages we put together and the way we distribute those messages – whether it’s advertising or on our packaging or in store – that it actually reflects the way consumers want to consumer information and that it’s delivered in a way that will cut through the clutter,” he noted, adding that today’s consumer has shorter attention spans and more access to information than ever before.

In recent years, content creators and influencers have emerged as a new way to reach consumers.

“I find it really amazing, even just in the food category, the number of people out there who are having such massive influence and reach with silly little bits of content in the kitchen,” said Lerch. “I find it fascinating that they have such influence and such reach.”

Attend the 2023 International Poultry Council Second Semester meeting

The 2023 International Poultry Council Second Semester Meeting, scheduled for October 4-6 in Chicago, Illinois, is three days of insights and discussions on how the global poultry sector can take the lead.

Registration is now open.



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