Cobb Research Initiative announces 9 grant recipients

The program is designed to answer key issues facing the poultry industry using genetic innovation.

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The Cobb Research Initiative (CRI) has announced its first 9 grant recipients. The program is designed to fund research that uses emerging technology to advance poultry genetics.

β€œAt our core, Cobb is a research and development company and our new CRI program seeks partnerships with researchers to further Cobb’s genetic progress and answer key issues facing the global poultry industry using genetic innovation,” explained William Herring, VP of R&D, Cobb.

 β€œThese projects are intended to assist Cobb with controlling and preventing poultry diseases, improving animal health and welfare outcomes, reducing production costs and/or enhancing product quality while advancing sustainability needs.”

 The projects funded were:

  • A vision-based precision livestock farming system for real-time detection of mating behaviors in broiler breeders – Yang Zhao, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
  • Accelerating genetic progress through improved assessment of broiler chicken welfare, digital phenotyping and gut health – Marian Dawkins, University of Oxford
  • Advancing animal welfare and health of broiler breeder pullets via innovative assessment of feed and water programs – Allison N. Pullin, North Carolina State University
  • An artificial intelligence-assisted gait scoring system for individual broilers in group settings – Guoming Li, University of Georgia Research Foundation
  • BBAI: Broiler breeder development modeling and anomaly identification based on automated CT scan analysis – Stephanie Richter, Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Genomic selection as a tool to mitigate Salmonella shedding in broilers – Breno Faragomeni, University of Connecticut
  • High fidelity data collection and analytics for enhanced broiler breeder livability – Colin Usher, Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Investigation of reproductive tract of hen and deteriorated egg microbiome to increase the hatchability – Si Hong Park, Oregon State University
  • The impact of restricted feeding regimens on reproductive capacity and successful fertilization in broiler breeder flocks – Charlene Hanlon, Auburn University

As we look to the future, we believe this new initiative will not only help us partner with leading researchers for value creation, but also provide access to the best science and technologies to help further our mission of providing high quality products to our global customers,” he added.

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