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Ingham’s CEO Mick McMahon stepping down

Australian company has named Quinton Hildebrand as interim CEO
Mick McMahon is stepping down as the CEO of Ingham’s following the announcement of the Australian poultry company’s annual financial results later in August.
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Tegel’s directors recommend takeover

New Zealand-based poultry company having recent challenges with decreased profits and protests over a new poultry farm
Substantial one-off costs, an unsolicited takeover offer, and protests over a new poultry farm are troubling New Zealand’s top poultry meat producer, Tegel Group.
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Special report

World Feed Panorama 2018: Volumes up despite challenges

Global compound feed production increased nearly 2 percent in 2017, overcoming disease outbreaks in the poultry and pig sectors.
In its 27th year, the World Feed Panorama survey tracks 2017 global compound feed production and compares these volumes against historical data to highlight industry trends.
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