Companies and bodies working in the poultry, egg and swine sectors from across Brazil met on March 24 to create the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), which has been formed from the merger of the Brazilian Poultry Association (UBABEF), and the Brazilian Pig Meat Producers and Exporters Association (ABIPECS).

Francisco Turra, ex-president of UBABEF, has been nominated as the executive president of the association. The body will also have two vice presidents, one for poultry and one for pigs.

With the formation of ABPA, UBABEF and ABIPECS will cease to exist as bodies representing their various industries.

ABPA is the largest animal protein association in Brazil with 132 existing members. It is hoped that creating the new body will increase membership to 150.


With total production for the home market worth R$80 billion (US$34.6 billion), together, the two sectors are responsible for 1.756 million direct jobs - 400,000 of which are in processing plants. If direct and indirect employment are considered, the total rises to 4.155 million. Together, exports from the poultry, egg and swine sectors were worth almost US$10 billion in 2013, accounting for 4.1 percent of the country's total exports and 10 percent of its agricultural exports.

Commenting on the new body, Turra said: "The aim was to establish an association with even broader representation, that would result in synergies and broaden the socio-political role of the two former associations. The two sectors have similar needs, similar production models and equivalent aims.

"ABPA has been created to give more institutional strength to the animal protein sector in Brazil, be that on the home market or in exports."