The Arizona Department of Agriculture (ADA) has quarantined four properties as it fears birds and eggs shipped from an Iowa facility that was affected by avian influenza might have brought the virus with them.

Thirteen quail and chickens, and about 40 quail and partridge eggs were shipped from the Iowa facility, shortly before birds at the Iowa farm became sick and initial lab results showed the birds tested positive for avian influenza.

The four facilities where the Iowa products were shipped to were located in four different counties: Pinal, Mohave, Santa Cruz and Yavapai.

Birds at those four facilities will be tested for avian influenza virus, according to a press release from ADA.


Dr. Perry Durham, Arizona state veterinarian, cautioned people who are importing birds or eggs from other states to make sure those states of origin have not had any confirmed cases of avian influenza.

While four states that border Arizona have had at least one case of avian influenza, Arizona has not had any cases to date.

To track confirmed cases of the North American avian influenza outbreak, see WATTAgNet's avian influenza tracker map and bookmark the avian influenza update page for news about and analysis of avian influenza.