Nutriad recently sponsored the third symposium of the Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group (IHSIG) in Ghent, Belgium. Empathizing poultry gut health, the group wants to evoke discussions with the scientific community, poultry producers, regulatory authorities and poultry veterinarians, aiming to promote health and welfare in poultry production.

Dr. Tim Goossens, business development manager Digestive Performance, and Anne-Harm Algra, regional sales manager Benelux, represented Nutriad.

The 2015 symposium zoomed in on the One Health concept, which recognizes that the health of humans is connected to the health of animals and the environment.  Humans and animals interact with greater frequency and intimacy in a globalized world. This interaction offers the opportunity for the emergence and spread of disease agents that could adversely impact animal or human health or both.

“Nutriad is known for its research on intestinal health and its ability to transform science into practical solutions for producers worldwide,” said Dr. Goossens, “and in that context the ‘One World, One Health’ theme of this year was of special interest.”

Algra said, “With a product range dedicated to intestinal health and feed and food safety, Nutriad strives to continue to be a front runner in this area of expertise.”

The topics that were covered ranged from gut microbiota in health and disease, the pathogenicity of Campylobacter for poultry and humans, the virulence mechanisms of Clostridium perfringens to antimicrobial resistance determination and its consequences for animal and human health.


Approximately 250 participants attended this year’s conference, and they included veterinarians, poultry producers and scientists from academia and industry.