E-commerce will increasingly impact chicken marketing and the supply chain as consumers use digital tools and connections from voice-activated digital assistants to virtual reality to manage their food choices.

Chicken marketers attending the 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit will learn strategies for successfully responding to the digitally enabled retail and foodservice marketplace.

One of the retail food industry’s preeminent advisors, Bill Bishop of Brick Meets Click, will explore how chicken marketers can better align with consumers and retailers to successfully sell more to digitally connected shoppers.


Bill Bishop of Brick Meets Click will explore how chicken marketers can better align with consumers and retailers to successfully sell more to digitally connected shoppers. | Courtesy Brick Meets Click

The 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit is scheduled for July 22-24 at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World.

How to respond to growing digital dependence

Bishop will discuss ways for marketers to respond to the growing digital dependence that is impacting the way consumers make chicken purchasing decisions.

“It’s this increasing digital dependence that enables the modern grocery businesses to move beyond the mass market to serving multiple tightly focused niche markets. This new range of possibilities applies to both buying in person/store, as well as shopping online and will drive major changes in the way chicken products are sold and bought in retail and food service formats,” he said.


The presentation will examine the capabilities chicken processors, foodservice operators and retailers will need to completely serve the chicken needs of consumers. The following will be included in the presentation:

  • The range of different options to connect with digital shoppers
  • The types of digital product content needed to engage consumers; e.g. blockchain
  • The key characteristics of online ordering platforms for pickup and delivery

Implications for chicken packaging, merchandising

“While no one knows exactly where all this is headed,” he said, “it’s possible to build a vision of what the future is likely to look like based on the changes already underway. This vision can then serve as a backdrop to consider implications for packaging, marketing and merchandising of chicken. It can also provide a framework for thinking about where and how different players in the chicken business can fit into the new marketplace.”

Brick Meets Click

Bill Bishop co-founded Brick Meets Click in 2011 with Steve Bishop. Today, as its chief architect, he focuses on analyzing the forces driving change in food and grocery retailing and providing practical guidance on how to respond effectively.

Early in his career, Bill was the vice president of research at the Supermarket Institute (now Food Marketing Institute). Later, he founded Willard Bishop Consulting and led major studies on new store formats, pricing strategy, direct store delivery and loyalty marketing. He also helped create the supermarket-focused Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council (CCRRC) and convenience retail-focused NACS/CCRRC.

Bishop earned a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics and Marketing from Cornell University. He has taught Marketing Channels at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, and he has also served on the boards for Raley’s Fine Foods and The Food Institute.