The DLG Group’s important premix and nutrition company Vilofoss continues to conquer new markets. The latest acquisition is Belgian Nutriprof, which is strong on cattle minerals and specialty products for the Benelux countries.

Just three weeks ago, Vilofoss, one of the three largest players in the European premix and nutrition market for livestock production, bought CPC, a Spanish mineral company. Vilofoss is now ready for yet another growth market and has bought the majority of the shares in the Belgian cattle minerals company Nutriprof.

“Like Spain, Belgium is a brand new market in Vilofoss. Nutriprof produces 10,000 tons of vitamins, minerals and specialty products a year and, in addition to their sales in Belgium, they are also interesting export perspectives in Europe. The acquisition opens new markets for us and complements Vilofoss’ portfolio. It is a really good match where both parties can get a lot out of the cooperation,” said Vilofoss Executive Vice President Jacob Holm.


With the new Belgian factory, Vilofoss has 17 factories in eight countries in Europe and a small stake in a vitamin factory in China. Vilofoss produces 400,000 tons of vitamins and minerals a year and has a turnover of more than DKK3 billion (US$45 million).

Nutriprof is a solid company with stable developments and earnings. The owner of Nutriprof since 2015 is a well-known name in the international vitamin and mineral industry.

“We are very pleased that Dutchman Boudewijn Morelissen continues in Nutriprof. He has a thorough knowledge of the industry from large, well-known companies such as Cargill, Provimi and DSM, so he will be a great asset for us as part of meeting the expectations in our ambitious growth strategy,” Holm said.