McDonald’s has tested its McPlant Burger in multiple markets, but the popularity of the plant-based protein sandwich is still being measured, CEO Chris Kempczinski said.

“As always, we’ll do what McDonald’s does best: Listen to our customers,” Kempczinski said during the company’s third-quarter earnings call on October 27. “When people are ready for the McPlant, we will be ready for them.”

Kempczinski told of the markets where the new offering is being trialed, which includes Austria, the Netherlands, the U.K., Ireland and the United States.

In each of those markets, the sandwich has been trialed either for a limited time, or at a limited amount of locations. Kempczinski is encouraged by what has been seen so far in Europe, specifically in the U.K.

Presently, the McPlant is being tested in 250 restaurants in the U.K., and there are plans for a full national rollout of the product in 2022.

“In that situation, I think we have more evidence that it is filling an unmet need that certainly existed in the U.K. on their menu. So early results in the U.K. are very encouraging,” said Kempczinski. “I think certainly I can say at this point there are definitely a couple of European markets where there is customer acceptance for it.”


In the United States, Kempczinski said the McPlant is being trialed in less than 10 restaurants, describing that trial as “largely an operations test,” and U.S. acceptance of that product will be learned over the next several quarters.

Success of chicken products

Also during the call, Kempczinski and McDonald’s Chief Financial Officer Kevin Ozan told of how its chicken offerings have seen success in multiple markets.

“In the U.S., Crispy Chicken Sandwich sales continue to exceed expectations. This translated into significant growth in QSR chicken market share as we continue to support the Crispy Chicken Sandwich platform with culturally-relevant marketing. In the U.K., we launched our McSpicy Sandwich, which generated the market's best chicken promotional results on record. And in Canada, our spicy McNuggets promotion had a halo effect on McNuggets sales,” said Kempczinski.

Meanwhile, according to Ozan, the McChicken has performed well in Germany.

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